Have you decided to review how you train? Put aside the six-pack and bulging biceps. Take care of forgotten muscles that you systematically ignore, the ones that you can't see. They also need some training!


At the gym, we're all working hard on the same muscles, making the mistake of forgetting parts of the body that really need to train as well. It's also true that in our everyday life, we often stimulate anterior muscles - quads, biceps and thorax muscles - whereas others are always resting. Help your body regain its muscle balance with 4 simple exercises to train forgotten muscles!


Do three sets of 15 repetitions for each of the exercises. Take a one minute break between each set.


Exercise no. 1: stabilising the torso

Do you know the latissimi dorsi? It's the large muscles under the arms and go down in a V-shape down the spine to the lower back. They are the ones used to stabilise the torso.


  • Targeted muscles: all the back muscles, the spinal column.


  • Performing the exercise: standing, legs bent, feet hip-width apart. The chest is slightly tilted forward. Hold the medicine ball between both hands in a lower position. Lift the medicine ball to bring the arms in line with the rest of the body. Bring your arms down slowly without rounding your back, then start all over again.


  • Safety instructions: remember to control the movement (don't swing). Don't arch your back, draw in your tummy.


  • Breathing: inhale in the beginning then exhale as you raise your arms.


  • Reps: 15.


Exercise no. 2: strengthening the lower back

In our everyday activities, we tend to use the lower part of the back, eg: picking up an object from the ground, we tend to lean forward rather than bend the knees and keep our back straight. These are simple gestures, but we reproduce them on a daily basis, forgetting to adopt good posture. Hence the need to train and strengthen 'lower back muscles! This simple exercise trains the extensor muscles of the lower back.


  • Targeted muscles: lower back muscles.


  • Performing the exercise: lie down on your front, hands level with your forehead without tensing your shoulders. Lift up your shoulders and keep your eyes looking to the ground. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then come back down.


  • Safety instructions: only lift the top of the chest (the lower chest should be on the floor), tuck in your tummy (tense your abs to protect your back).


  • Breathing: inhale when you are down and exhale when you lift your shoulders.


  • Reps: 10 reps


Exercise No. 3: wriggle your hips

Gluteus medius muscles, not sure what they are? Not surprising really, they are relatively unused... they are the ones just under the hips, on the outside. Gluteus medius is used, for example, in everyday life in the static position, and thus for balance.


  • Targeted muscles: gluteus medius muscles.


  • Performing the exercise: lie down on your side, head relaxed and knees bent, ankles together. Extend then bring the upper knee back, keeping your hips in place. Change sides and repeat the exercise.


  • Breathing: inhale in the starting position then exhale as you lift the knee upwards.


  • Safety instructions: the upper body is completely still, do not tilt the hips backwards.


  • Reps: 20 reps


Exercise No. 4: twists

Many activities are based on torso twists. To avoid injury, it is important to work the muscles affected by this type of movement.


  • Targeted muscles: obliques.


  • Performing the exercise: lie on your back, bend your knees to 90 degrees and outstretch your arms to the sides. Slowly tilt the knees from one side to the other. To make the exercise more effective, do not touch the ground.


  • Breathing: inhale in the starting position, and then exhale as you bring the knees up holding in the tummy muscles actively.


  • Safety instructions: pull in the tummy and keep shoulders on the ground, do not arch your back.


  • Reps: 10 reps

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