You're all different, and so are your shapes! That's why you should check out our practical tips to help you flatter your figure and feel good in your body, even during a workout.


Rectangle shape

Your silhouette: women with a rectangle shape are generally slender, with a small bust. They sometimes think they lack curves. Their waist, shoulders, and pelvis are aligned and have similar proportions. Another possibility: some "rectangle" figures can be larger. In this case, the curves are distributed evenly over the whole body. The body type is balanced, but no particular muscle truly stands out.



What fitness outfit fits a rectangle body type?

  • Wear fitness clothing with rounded seams, since your goal is to create feminine curves

  • Choose models with creative details at the hips and glutes

  • Dare to wear bright, fun colours: your body allows it!

  • Allow yourself to wear tops and bottoms in contrasting colours, and play with layers, which give more volume to your straight body type


The right tops

  • Create the illusion of more curves by wearing tops with pleated or gathered effects, or colour panels around the waist to visually slim it

  • Wear tops with an open neckline

  • Choose sports bras with built-in pads to flatter your bust


Shapes for bottoms

  • Choose straight leg trousers or leggings with a waistband that reverses or with a colour or design to give the impression that you have more hips

  • Try trousers with a rounded seam over the hips, thighs, and glutes. They will give the illusion that you have more curves



  • The total fitness look with only one colour, which makes lines look even longer

  • Accumulating details and colours, which weigh down your figure

  • Deep V or scoop necklines: you don't have a large bust

  • Sports bras that flatten your bust


Pear shape

Your silhouette: pear-shaped women have a lower body larger than their upper body. Their shoulders are fairly narrow and their busts are often small. Their hips are wider than their shoulders. Their glutes are rounded, and their waists are defined.


What fitness outfit fits a pear-shaped body?

  • Wear tops with pretty necklines, designs, and bright colours, since your goal is to attract the gaze to your upper body

  • If you layer fitness clothing, wear something underneath with an eye-catching colour


The right tops

  • Wear close-fitting tops that flatter your small waist, and whose length stops at the hips

  • Wear fitness clothing with a princess cut that defines the waist


Shapes for bottoms

  • Choose trousers with long, straight, wide legs to lengthen your hips/glutes

  • Go for dark colours (black, navy) that narrow your figure



  • Long, wide tops that end at the hips, which won't flatter your figure (you risk looking bigger on top than you are)

  • Tight-fitting leggings that visually accentuate the width of your hips

  • Fitness bottoms with light colours or very busy designs


Hourglass shape

Your silhouette: women with an hourglass figure often have an upper and lower body with similar proportions. Their waists are narrower than their shoulders and hips. They often have a large bust. This is a generally harmonious body shape.


What fitness outfit fits an hourglass figure?

Choose fitness clothing that is close-fitting (but not too clingy) to flatter your harmonious figure.


The right tops

  • Try tops with a V-neck or a low-cut neckline to flatter your bust

  • Choose tops with contrasting-colour panels or seams that flatter your waist

  • Pick tops whose length stops at your hip bones - not higher or lower (don't try to hide your thighs or glutes!)


Shapes for bottoms

  • Dare to wear close-fitting bottoms with a fitted waist (not too high or too low) that slim and hug the hips

  • Straight fitness trousers (regular models) suit your ample curves perfectly, since they balance your shape



  • Baggy clothing, which thickens your figure by hiding the beautiful curve formed by your graceful hips, marked waist, and ample bust

  • "Empire" necklines if you have a particularly large bust

  • Heavy and thick fabrics

  • Very clingy fitness outfits, which reveal your figure too much




Now you have some tips to successfully find the fitness outfit to suit your body type. You have a beautiful shape, you would be wrong not to flatter it!


Do you know that specialists distinguish three major body types in adult men? It's up to you to work out which one is yours so that you can adapt your workout.