Gym rat, gentle gym amateur, weekend athlete ... what's your relationship with fitness? This short guide will help you better understand your fitness profile.


Fitness profile #1: balance

  • Your objectives: improve your physical condition, tone your body, boost your energy.


  • Your profile: for you, sports is above all a question of health. You know that to stay in shape and keep fit, you have to exercise regularly. And you've decided to do it for the sake of your well-being. You prefer pain-free workouts, and you like to pace yourself: no point in pushing yourself too hard since performance is not the goal.  What you like: exercising at your own pace to find the right balance and simply feel good.


  • Fitness activities made for you: exercise bike, sport walking on a treadmill, Gym Ball, stretching, gentle gymnastics. Remember: If you've recently undergone physiotherapy and are looking for an exercise routine that is low impact and easy on the joints, or an activity that strengthens your heart, try an exercise bike or sport walking on a treadmill.


Sports profile #2: strength

  • Your objectives: feel stronger, work out your body.


  • Your profile: Physical appearance is important to you; you need to feel good in your body. While you're not going for the body-builder look, you are certainly tempted by the thought of nicely shaped abs and more defined muscles. You want fitness routines that are efficient and deliver quick results.


  • Fitness activities made for you: muscle strengthening sessions, body-building.


Sports profile #3: energy

  • Your objectives: unwind, lose weight.


  • You love striving for better performance and feel a strong need to release energy. You want to get back in shape, or are looking to lose weight. You want to feel like you've accomplished something—no point in doing sports if you don't see the benefits!  You also want to blow off steam and unwind at the same time. A competitor at heart, you like to set yourself challenges and constantly push yourself further.


  • Fitness activities made for you: cardio training. There are many sports activities that will help you to unwind, work on your endurance, tone your body, and lose weight: fitness machine workouts (treadmill, exercise bike, spinner bike, cross trainer), group sessions such as cycling (spinning) or mini-trampoline (Ubound), circuit training sessions, choreographed sessions like stepper and aerodance.


Sports profile #4: well-being

  • Your objectives: relaxation, peace of mind.


  • Your profile: performance is not important; what you want most of all is to relax or gently work out your body. Pushing yourself to the limit or looking like an athlete is the last thing on your mind. You want to feel good in body and mind, and feel a need to destress.


  • Fitness activities made for you: yoga in all its forms, such as Pilates, Tai Chi, Body Balance, relaxation, Qi Gong.




Of course, regardless of your fitness profile, it's in your best interest to combine different types of fitness activities. For example, if you're looking to lose weight, it will do you lots of good to add a muscle-strengthening routine to your cardio workout sessions, to define your muscles. Also remember that yoga is a beneficial addition to any sport, and will help you improve your performance (greater concentration, elasticity, endurance, resistance).