For drying out, there is nothing better than a protein shake diet. Prepared with whey as a basic ingredient, it enhances muscle growth without unbalancing your diet. For maintaining and defining muscles or for drying out after some intense weight training sessions, this is the ideal recipe.


What is a protein shake?

Protein shakes gives the body the right amount of protein and encourages muscle growth. It is a mixture of water or milk with a protein powder called "whey". To improve its taste or consistency, the following ingredients may be added:


  • Fruit: banana or strawberry, for their sugar content and thickening properties

  • Concentrated vanilla or cocoa powder to improve the taste without adding too many calories

  • oats, yoghurt or quark to thicken the shake.


Whey protein, a risk-free product

Protein shakes are made with whey protein, that is powdered milk serum protein, as the basic ingredient. It is often used in vegetarian diets to provide the body with the required daily amount of protein.


The benefits of a protein shake

When maintaining and defining muscle mass or when drying out after intense weight training sessions, the carbohydrates must be replaced by protein. Protein shakes are the perfect solution for getting the body used to this change.


Protein shakes are great for sportsmen and women who are in a hurry: no need to prepare five meals a day, as one or two of these meals can be replaced by a shake. Take it wherever you go, in a Domyos shaker for example!


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