They often catch us out after a first sport lesson or following a physical activity that was unsuited to our bodies: who hasn't experienced aches the next morning? Your muscles suffer in silence and cause often intense pain. It's impossible not to notice! How can you relieve aches? Domyos has some tips for you.


Where do aches come from?

Aches sound the alarm! They occur when we are unused to physical activity or when it is too intensive. Our strongly tested muscles suffer small injuries. They are caused by micro-injuries in the muscles and the pain comes from the repairing actions of the white blood cells. These cells regenerate during the night, hence the appearance of that awful muscle pain the next morning when you wake up…

In particular, aches affect those beginning a new sport, those who are getting back into a sport after a break of several months or those pushing their performances by increasing the difficulty of their training sessions.


How can I avoid this?

Look after your body! Remember to take up physical activities gradually, without pushing yourself too hard.

  • Stretch and warm up your body before each session to get it ready: by warming up your muscles you gain flexibility, make your tendons more elastic, and increase the oxygen in your blood.
  • Don't forget to stretch after your training session as your muscles need to be extended again gently


Soothing actions

The pain that you feel after sport is intense for 48 hours, or 24 hours for the lucky ones. You therefore need to be patient! While waiting, try these few miracle actions to relieve the pain.


  • Relax the muscle with heat: a good bath will do a world of good for relieving aches
  • Delicately massage painful areas with or without pain relief cream to warm up the muscle and avoid any potential aches
  • Continue to stretch and do several flexibility exercises or, even better, do stretching classes!