Practical and not bulky, the mini trampoline is a perfect piece of fitness equipment to stay in shape and discover jumping recreationally. It is excellent for muscle strengthening and proprioception (postural balance). Accessible to all, it is painless for the joints and can be a part of physical therapy. The right way to use your mini trampoline is to adopt the right position to exercise without risk and to vary the many different exercises!


So you just bought a mini trampoline, and before you start, you are wondering about the right way to use it? Discover the benefits of this fitness equipment and follow our recommendations to begin your training.


Why use a mini trampoline?

The mini trampoline is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for staying in shape while exercising at home. Its advantages?

  • It improves posture and self mastery.
  • It is excellent for working on balance
  • It develops physical strength, improves blood flow, and allows you to build muscle tone


The mini trampoline can be used by all. No need to be a dedicated athlete to bounce, everyone can begin at their own pace. You can do it at the pace that suits you best. Painless for the joints, the trampoline can also be used for physical therapy where each person efficiently develops coordination and balance.


Holding the right position

To bounce the right way, you should remember one essential instruction: core strength. Tighten your abdominals well during your workout to ensure good coordination and good support between your upper and lower body.

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