Looking to lose weight? In this case, you have to learn to work in lipolysis. This means getting the body to dip into its fat reserves to provide energy. Find out how to eliminate fats faster by working out!


The lipolysis threshold: what is it?

The lipolysis threshold or lipox corresponds to the heart rate at which your body consumes a maximum of fat. This is a very useful indication for those who want to lose weight. Knowing that you burn fat at the beginning of your exertion, the longer the exertion, the more fat you burn. To lose fat faster, you really have to control your heart rate because it indicates the physiological zone.


What is the lipolysis threshold for?

You may have noticed that many people tend to strain during a workout to lose more fat. This is pointless: If the exertion intensity is too high, and therefore the heart rate, the body will use only glucose and glycogen, and not the excess of fat that you want to see disappear. Result: an energy drop and a failed weight loss goal...


This is why lipolysis threshold calculation is interesting, because it allows you to work out intelligently, without going beyond your own physical abilities. It's a good way to know your energy abilities and to define the right intensity during exercise. In addition, by "cutting" more, you make exertion easier due to the reduced fat mass. Determining this lipolysis threshold for sportsmen is also useful in the cutting or defining phase.


How to measure the lipolysis threshold?

The lipolysis threshold varies from one person to another. It depends on the type of sport and can change with training. To do this, it must be measured by a health professional as part of a performance test. It's the respiratory gas exchange that helps to quantify the oxygen consumed and how many grams of fat were oxidized per minute.


Lipolysis threshold calculation or lipox is as follows:

  • Lipolysis threshold = [(HR max – HR resting) / 2] + HR resting.


Thus, for a woman of 45 with a resting heart rate of 75, the lipolysis threshold will be: [(189 – 75) / 2] + 75 = 132 bpm. If she would like to lose weight faster , she'll have to keep her heart rate as close to 132 bpm as possible, on a variable duration, adapted to her level of training.


It's worthwhile testing your lipolysis threshold repeatedly over the year to assess your progress. In order for this lipolysis zone workout to be effective and to start losing fat, you need to start with a minimum half-hour workout (this start up time diminishes as you train). We recommend getting a heart rate monitor for an optimum workout at your lipolysis threshold.

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