How can I stay fit and healthy and avoid gaining weight? We're here to help you find the answer to this question with these 5 sports tips.


Tip n°1: move around a little… every day!

Our bodies are made to be constantly on the move. But between work, family and friends, our current lifestyle leaves us with little time to think about ourselves and keep ourselves in shape. We often think that we can only receive the benefits of physical activity through long and intense effort. But we were wrong: Did you know that moderate exercise for 22 minutes a day every day is enough to keep you healthy? To help you feel better about your body, it's better to put in the effort, don't you think? Why not get up a little earlier in the morning to do a little exercise: for example, try using an exercise bike, a cross trainer, treadmill or even a stepping machine.


Tip n°2: keep a food diary

Here's a simple but effective way to help you eat a balanced diet and stay healthy: Each day, record any bad snacks or mishaps in a food diary so that you'll be less tempted to repeat them. Prepare a table with space for 7 days and times of the day, and record everything that you eat and drink as you consume them (no excuses!) including any snacks outside meals. It might seem simple, but it can really help you become aware of all your little excesses.


Tip n°3: strengthen your muscles

As we grow older, loss of muscle tone is inevitable. But there is an effective solution to help us all age more gracefully: muscle-building exercises. Resistance exercises will help you develop the size, strength and endurance of the muscles in your body, as well as reducing your risk of injury. Muscle training will help you preserve your mobility in your everyday activities. Our tips for starting out: Use muscle building equipment such as dumbbells, fitness bands (ideal for toning) or any other appropriate muscle building equipment (weights bench, bell bars, abs exercisers). Don't forget to follow the advice of a sports coach to make sure you perform the exercises correctly.


Tip n°4: Chill out

Did you know that people under stress are more vulnerable to illness and have greater difficulty recovering from illness? Did you know that stress also causes weight gain?  This has been proven by studies carried out on the effects of stress on health. So why not exercise when your stress levels increase! You can also release tension and transform your negative thoughts into positive energy.  Moderate physical activity helps counter stress as it activates the production of the serotonin hormone (the pleasure hormone). To relax, keep your figure and stay healthy, there's nothing quite like yoga, relaxing, Tai Chi or sophrology.


Tip n°5: eat healthy

With regard to eating habits, a few basic rules are all you need to make sure you stay healthy. To eat a balanced diet, try to combine starchy foods (pasta, rice), proteins (fish, eggs, meat) and a variety of vegetables in each meal, with each food group taking up roughly a third of the plate. Avoid skipping meals; nutrients should be spread out across 3 meals during the day. For snacks, try to choose fruit, compotes or a cereal bar. Don't forget to limit your intake of sugary, processed products, reduce your salt intake and try not to eat too many fatty foods. And especially: Allow yourself a little excess every now and again to limit frustration, it's good for your morale... One last thing: eating healthily is also about simply stopping eating when you're full!




As you'll see, these simple actions are well worth including in your daily routine to help you stay in shape. Your body is your main asset, make sure you take care of it!