The summer and its strong heat… Not always easy to stand, but very advantageous for our bodies. We strongly feel the effects as they make our bodies react in different ways.


Relaxing, invigorating and purifying, heat is good for us whether it's natural heat from the sun's rays or artificial heat from relaxing places such as the sauna or the hammam. A true joy for the body as well as the mind!


The effects of heat on the body

The main visible effect of heat on the body is of course sweating. Higher temperatures heat the tissues and skin, creating sweat which makes us lose lots of water, therefore purifying our bodies. It clears out toxins from the tissues and supplies oxygen as well as the nutritious substances needed.


Heat also dilates our blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow. This revitalisation relieves muscle pain which is caused by reduced blood flow to the muscle tissues and the contraction of these tissues. Heat therefore has a relaxing effect on the body, reducing pain.


Warm temperatures also give our bodies a feeling of comfort, a real sensation of well-being that relaxes and relieves our muscles. We've all felt that feeling of pleasure when it's warm and your body is filled with this warmth, whether it's natural or artificial…


Natural heat: the sun

It's well-known that the sun can be dangerous for your health if you don't respect it. At high doses, the UV rays it gives off can be harmful and attack our bodies through sunburn, sunstroke or, even worse, skin cancer. Nevertheless, in moderation the sun can prove very beneficial for our health.


Therefore a few minutes of exposure to the sun each day can be a great source of vitamin D which helps to fix calcium in the bones. According to certain studies, this could also contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even obesity! UV rays are also sometimes used to treat certain skin diseases such as psoriasis.


Furthermore, the sun regulates our biological cycles and affects our mental health, our sleep and our mood. In fact, it stimulates our minds, and the light that reaches our eyes helps fight depression. As a result of this we often experience a feeling of well-being when we are exposed to the sun. This feeling comes from beta-endorphin, responsible for tanning. It acts on the sensory neurons and creates a sort of euphoria which is very good for the body. It allows you to get back your sense of calm and serenity, reduces stress and pain, and brings about a slight desire to sleep. Endorphins also play a part in creating loving feelings, hence the impression of relaxation and well-being that we get from the sun…


Artificial heat: sauna and hammam

Firstly, the sauna produces a so-called dry heat, compared with the humid heat of the hammam. This heat relaxes, removes stress and washes away muscle tensions. The sauna also limits aches and blows away fatigue after exercise. This is why gyms often have a sauna available. It also allows the body to reject waste, called toxins, that builds up during exercise, thanks to sweat. It reduces blood pressure, stimulates the heart and improves blood flow.


From an aesthetic point of view, saunas are particularly good for the skin as they improve its elasticity and firmness. In this way it offers a sense of cleanliness, purification and also toning. It frees up both the mind and body to offer a certain joie de vivre.


As for the hammam, it has pretty much the same benefits as the sauna. A steam bath, it refreshes the body after a training session and therefore relieves aches and pains. Its warmth is less aggressive than that of the sauna, and it can therefore be enjoyed for longer. It is also very good for the breathing thanks to the eucalyptus vapours. Like the sauna, it cleanses the body by removing toxins and firming up the skin.


Thanks to all of these advantages on the mind and body, you can fully enjoy the heat during your holidays, without of course forgetting to protect yourself from the sun. Refreshing but also toning, it's the perfect ally for a successful trip!

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