The gym ball: the secret to a flat stomach


Which part of our bodies are we most self-conscious about? There's no question: it's our stomachs. If you are looking for an effective way of smoothing out a few lumps and bumps and feeling better in your skin, here it is: the gym ball.


Why are gym balls effective?

When it's a case of getting down to some sport to make up for the odd overindulgence, we quickly become discouraged. In order to reshape your figure, doing a load of abs sessions isn't exactly the most appealing option… But never fear, there's a simple solution for toning up your body another way: the gym ball. So what is it? A large fitness ball used for strengthening your core muscles. It develops the abdomen, tones your figure, and relieves back pain.


Gym balls are also a great way of getting a flat stomach! The movement of the ball over your stomach produces the same effect as a massage. Result: it stimulates blood flow and gradually removes excess pounds. You can use it for an all-over body toning session, although your abs get the biggest workout. By rolling on the ball, you will also learn to control your balance. What's more, you will improve your posture, focus your concentration, and become stronger and more flexible. By exercising daily, you will achieve rapid results.


How to choose your gym ball

When choosing your gym ball, pay attention to its size, its firmness and its anti-burst rating.


Your gym ball should allow you to have your feet on the ground when seated on top of it and be balanced when you raise your legs to 90°. As a general rule:


  • Between 1.55 and 1.70 m, opt for the 55 cm gym ball
  • Between 1.70 and 1.85 m, go for the 65 cm gym ball
  • For anyone over 1.85 m, there is the 75 cm gym ball


In principle, gym balls should be well inflated. But the more firm they are, the harder the exercises become. For beginners, choose a slightly softer gym ball and pump it up once the exercise starts to become too easy. For home training, check out our video gym ball exercises.




Now you know all the secrets of the gym ball. It's certainly worth taking note if you want to reshape your figure and achieve visible results, gently!

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