With a poor diet and no sport, fat starts to go where you don't always expect. What woman has never wanted to lose that muffin top, eliminate those saddlebags or have a flat tummyGetting rid of fat starts with regular sport. To add variety to your exercise routine, check out five fitness accessories to keep the bulge at bay: jump rope, mini stepper, gym weights, Abdo Gain and mini trampoline.


Get moving with a jump rope

Jumping rope for fun - doesn't that sound like a great idea? A jump rope is perfect for burning away fat and slimming down. It can help you lose weight, get a flat tummy and prevent cellulite, not to mention improve your endurance. What better way to get rid of those few extra pounds! Just 15 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. How can you say no?


Step things up with a mini stepper

 Try it any time: a mini stepper reproduces the same movement as climbing stairs. It's great for getting fit and fighting cellulite. You'll work your lower body and slim your legs and bum, all in the comfort of your own home. Small steps to firm up your figure: this is an accessory you can't live without.


Gym weights to tone up your body

To make your workout even more effective, you can put gym weights around your ankles or wrists. These practical weights go on in seconds and help tone your body almost effortlessly! With just a few simple exercises, you'll give your arms and glutes a good push. These weights are a great way to get faster results.


Jump for joy with a mini trampoline

Jumping to slim down: sounds like fun, don't you think? With a mini trampoline, you can get rid of unwanted fat in no time. The aerobic, dynamic  exercises help slim your figure, strengthen your muscles and improve your breathing. Burn calories with every jump!


Get stronger abs with the Abdo Gain

 Do you want a flat tummy and abs of steel? The Abdo Gain is for you! This little flower is a formidable foe against unwanted kilos. You can switch up your fitness exercises, doing static and dynamic moves while seated. Balancing keeps your abs contracted at all times and gets to those deep muscles. In just a few weeks, you'll firm up your stomach and slim your waist all while having fun!

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