Do you want to lose a bit of weight? No problem! With a bit of motivation and routine, you can achieve your goals! How about trying out the exercise bike? This fitness accessory is ideal for keeping fit and slimming down.


Here is a cycling slimming programme designed for beginner (occasional physical activity) or intermediate athletes (regular physical activity). It involves doing three 45-minute sessions per week, for 8 weeks.



  • Before starting, adjust your bike correctly: handlebar height, saddle height (hip height, your leg should be slightly bent when your foot is at the lowest point on the pedals).
  • Make sure you've got a bottle of water to drink during the recovery periods.
  • Turn up your music… and let's start our 45 minutes of training!


Weight loss programme on a bike: 45 minute-session

1st block: 25 minutes of continuous training

Start your session with 25 minutes of pedalling at a comfortable (comfortable amount of effort) to slightly uncomfortable pace*.


2nd block: 15 minutes of interval training

During this 2nd phase, you will alternate between 1 minute of uncomfortable exercise* and 30 seconds of active recovery, trying to maintain the same intensity. In order to reach 15 minutes of interval training in total, you will need to repeat this 10 times.


NB Keeping the same intensity will become more and more uncomfortable as you go along. It will become normal for you to not recover your breathing during the active recovery phase.


3rd block: 5 minutes of cooling down.

During these last 5 minutes of exercise, pedal at a rate that allows you to get your breath back and lose the feeling of fatigue in your muscles. You will then be able to get off your bike without any problems.




To achieve results, do not forget to combine this cycling slimming programme with a balanced diet: load up on fruit and veg, drink plenty of water (at least 1.5 L per day) and have a glass of lukewarm water + lemon juice each morning before breakfast. Happy training!


* Comfortable: you should be able to hold a conversation relatively easily and you should not feel any muscle pain.

Uncomfortable: maintaining a conversation becomes difficult, you can only manage a few words at a time, you gradually feel more muscle pain as you go on, and breathing through your nose is no longer enough (you open your mouth)


So you just got an exercise bike, and you are wondering about the right way to use it? Discover the benefits of this machine and follow our recommendations to begin your training.