Are you familiar with the hidden secrets of Domyos Strap Training? For detailed information about the benefits of suspension straps, here are 5 good reasons for choosing Domyos Strap Training.


What is Domyos Strap Training?  It's a method of using suspension straps where you perform exercises using your body weight, like TRX. Its benefits? Here they are!


A kit that can be attached, anywhere!

The Domyos Strap Training kit comprises a strap, an attachment system, handles and ankle straps. It's robust and easy to use and you can install it wherever you deem fit: in your home or outside, on a door or a fixed beam. It comes with its own practical carry bag so you can take it wherever you want.


An accessory for everyone

Whatever your level of muscular strength, to lose weight or improve your physical condition, you can try traction-based exercises with Domyos Strap Training. The difficulty of the challenge is largely dependent on the poses and incline of your body. You can control the intensity of the exercise by increasing or reducing the resistance. You can design a variety of exercises, with movements specially adapted for the novice or high level sportsman. 


Doubly effective

These muscle-building straps provide a complete and progressive muscle-strengthening programme, which complements traditional workouts. They offer dual benefits: developing functional strength and improving your cardiovascular system. By performing traction strap exercises at a relatively fast pace, you can develop your stamina and increase your calorie expenditure, and therefore aid weight loss. Alternatively, you can slow down your pace and control your movements which will help build up your strength and muscle mass.


A full-body workout

The Domyos Strap Training system helps you build muscle by using your own body weight to create resistance. This kind of suspension training challenges your entire body.  It's very effective for working the deep muscles. Whatever type of exercise you choose, the strap training system requires significant engagement of core muscles, particularly the lower back and abdominals that are constantly working to maintain balance (core strength is fundamental to bodyweight exercises). The simple use of body weight during the exercise, relieves stress on the joints. Because you're not using any additional weights, you'll reduce the risk of injury!


Improved muscular balance

In addition to helping you lose weight and improve your flexibility, regular use of Domyos Strap Training helps balance the body's muscular system. When you use suspension straps, your body is in a permanent state of unbalance. In addition to the effort needed to carry out the exercise, you have to maintain constant stability to keep your posture. To do this, your body works as a whole, using its deep stabilising muscles. In this way, you'll develop good muscle balance, better mobility and strengthen your joints.




As I'm sure you realise, if you want lose weight or stay in shape, you'd be well advised to try out the Domyos Strap Training method. Use it in addition to traditional strengthening exercises to build the deep muscles and develop strength, or combine it with a cardio training activity to accelerate your weight loss. To obtain the best results, don't forget to follow a healthy, balanced diet for the duration of your exercise/weight loss programme. If in doubt about any element of suspension training, please contact your doctor for advice.

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