To strengthen your muscles and your heart, nothing is more effective than cardio training with interval workouts. Alternating periods of intense training with recovery periods allows you to burn calories quickly while gaining muscle.


What is an interval workout?

You define periods of higher-intensity exercises (between 30 seconds and 3 minutes) punctuated by recovery periods.


As opposed to continuous workouts, with interval training you work at high intensity during short periods of time.


The benefits of interval training

This type of workout allows for excellent muscle strengthening.

You improve your cardiovascular endurance with an intense workout pace.


Interval training helps you gain endurance and performance. How? It "surprises" the body by requiring it to adapt to different rhythms of effort.


It is perfect for those wishing to lose weight. The intense periods allow you to burn a lot of calories in little time.


Interval workouts, in exercises

It is practised using cardio training machines such as the cross trainer or the treadmill, at home or at the gym. Machines which allow you to quickly raise your heart rate.


Define the pace that you want and the recovery periods:


  • The 30/30: alternate 30 seconds of very fast running and 30 seconds of recovery. Other variants can be calculated for efforts going from 5 to 180 seconds, while changing the recovery time accordingly.
  • The pyramid: alternate 30 seconds of running / 30 seconds of recovery, then increase the sessions by 15 seconds until you reach 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • The long interval that corresponds to 5x500 metres with a longer recovery time (generally 1 minute).
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