To develop your endurance, the most widespread technique is continuous training. Principle: carry out long cardio training sessions regularly.


What is continuous training?

Whatever sport you practice, (running, cycling, or others), the goal of the continuous workout is to maintain the same cardiac intensity throughout the activity. It differs from interval training, where your effort is more intense and for a shorter duration.


Why a continuous workout?

Continuous work improves your endurance. Your stronger heart, gains volume. Beyond that, continuous work allows you to

  • lose and better control your weight
  • improve your respiratory system
  • improve your sleep management


Continuous work, for the heart…

After a month of training, every heartbeat pushes out much more blood. It transmits much more oxygen to your muscles.

Advantage: your heart beats less rapidly and you are less out of breath, whether you are at rest or active.


Continuous training: with what equipment?

Treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer: all of the cardio training equipment is used for continuous workouts just like in interval training. The only difference: the intensity of the effort over time. 


For example, for a continuous workout on a treadmill:

  • begin with a speed suited for a fast walking pace
  • to avoid too abrupt of an advancement, increase the speed by one point every 5 minutes.
  • before the last 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the total time of the session) slow down little by little to return to the initial speed


This continuous work requires great motivation. It is essential to stay on your machine for a long time (a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes depending on your level). Without that, your work is ineffective! 

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