The Gym Ball is a large fitness ball that can be used for stretching, muscle strengthening and maintaining a proper posture. Available in different sizes (depending on your height), the Gym Ball is very effective—much more so than you might imagine. To try it, start by sitting on one and you'll quickly see why.


The Gym Ball slims your legs and firms your figure

Sitting on a Gym Ball is first and foremost an exercise in controlling your balance. To do so, you naturally contract the muscles of the knees, hips and ankles. Without even realising it, you're working on strengthening your deep muscles as well as your spinal column. By establishing a habit of using your Gym Ball regularly (15 minutes a day for starters), you improve the toning of your muscles and your figure in general. As a result, this deep muscle training helps break down cellulite and thus combat the orange peel skin effect.


The Gym Ball improves your posture

If you've lost the habit of sitting up straight, the Gym Ball is an excellent way to get back on track. Sitting on a Gym Ball helps correct and improve your posture. A Gym Ball's instability forces you to shift positions often, which helps you become more conscious of your posture. At the same time, you improve the support of your entire body, and in particular you protect your body from aches and pains related to poor posture.


The Gym Ball improves your balance

There's no doubt that the Gym Ball helps build good balance, both physically and mentally. No matter what exercises you're doing on a Gym Ball, you have to maintain your balance to be able to do them and hold the correct positions. Forcing your body to reach and maintain this stability also develops your concentration and self-control.


Gym Ball, a flat tummy's best friend

This is probably not the picture that you had of a Gym Ball, but it is in fact excellent for sculpting your abs! Maintaining a seated position forces you to contract the muscles of the lower limbs, but those aren't the only ones. Trying to keep your balance works out your abs significantly. This is why the Gym Ball is great for strengthening your ab muscles. If you're looking to target this area and get your flat tummy back, check out all of our video exercises which you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Gym Ball, the health benefits

By forcing you to adopt a good posture, the Gym Ball helps prevent back pains, particularly in the lower back. The micro-movements that your body makes to maintain good posture on a Gym Ball strengthens your back muscles. These micro-movements, and the non-static position of your body on a Gym Ball also help improve your circulatory system. Keeping your body in constant movement increases your energy levels and builds muscle tone without you even realising it. The Gym Ball considerably improves your general state of health. It will help you gain energy, firmness and tone.




We highly recommend using the Gym Ball regularly as it contributes to maintaining a good general state of health! It's a complete accessory that helps strengthen, relax, and stretch your muscles. Give it a try and we're sure you'll be convinced!

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