Life usually takes on a different pace during the holidays—one that can be detrimental to staying in good physical shape. Domyos presents some advice and tips to help you physically prepare for a successful "fit" holiday.


Whether travelling or staying at home, holidays are often a time when we let our guard down in terms of nutrition, sleeping habits, and exercise. So, in order to not lose those hard-won toned muscles and keep a happy figure, Domyos recommends these winning strategies:


Winning strategy #1: adjust your training programme to your holiday

Holidays are a time to rest body and spirit. Nevertheless, doing physical exercise is physically invigorating and mentally stimulating. Lower the intensity of your usual training by setting yourself new goals. Overestimating your training pace might leave you discouraged if you are unable to reach it. Preferably do walking and cycling to gently work out your lower body. If you're staying in town, head to the park for some urban fitness (did you know that a simple park bench is all you need to work out your arms, abs and glutes?). The trick is to break up your activities. Do a few minutes of sprinting followed by some walking; a few push-ups by the side of the pool followed by swimming a few lengths; some relaxation in a deckchair followed by a few leg lifts! Another key to a successful "fit" vacation is to rise early in the morning to beat the heat while working out, and especially to stay tuned to your body!


Winning strategy #2: the essential fitness accessory for a successful "fit" holiday

Treating yourself to a fitness accessory specially for the holidays can be a good motivator. Try it out first in order to get familiar with it. If you're going on a trip, most fitness accessories aren't very bulky, and can be used by both you and your spouse. So simple that it's easy to forget about it altogether, a skipping rope can provide you with a full cardio workout. 15 minutes a day is enough to get results: a better figure, better endurance, and—crucially—a few pounds less! When it comes to muscles, we recommend taking along a push-up gain for working out your core, abs and arms. Finally, consider taking an elastiband to help you do stretches. It can be easily slipped into your suitcase and is great for toning your entire body and gently stretching your muscles.


At Domyos you can find just the right fitness accessory to take with you on your holidays!


Winning strategy #3: successful nutrition during holidays

It's often difficult to resist the temptation of gourmet dinners and tasty snacks accompanied by alcoholic drinks* (these are ultra high in calories, so be sure to alternate drinking 2 large glasses of water for each alcoholic drink)—the classic symbol of a "great" vacation. Going on a brutal crash diet right before the holidays is out of the question—those pounds will come back just as quickly. However, there's nothing stopping you from preparing for your holidays by adopting a well-balanced, healthy diet. Swap out the peanuts for refreshing cherry tomatoes, and enjoy sweet and juicy seasonal fruits over processed sugars. Don't forget to eat a hearty breakfast, including some tea and fruit juice. A full breakfast will keep you from snacking!**




For a successful "fit" holiday, your body needs rest while at the same time staying active, and your spirit should be free of frustrating constraints. In the end, it all comes down to moderation and regular portions, in order to attain the very essence of "holiday": having fun!


* Overdrinking is hazardous to your health; drink with moderation

** To protect your health, avoid food that is high in fats, sugars or salts 

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