• Bodybuilding Dumbbells Kit 20 kg
  • Bodybuilding Dumbbells Kit 20 kg

Bodybuilding Dumbbells Kit 20 kg

Key feature
Case for easily carrying and storing them A kit composed of 2 dumbbells with threaded bars for added safety.
3,999.00 INR*
5-year product warranty.
For a wide range of bodybuilding exercises.

Technical card

Structure : 77.0% Iron, 17.0% Steel, 6.0% Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET)
Designed to
bodybuilding with dumbbells
5 years


Conseils d'entretien
Wipe any perspiration off with a dry cloth.
Conseils de stockage
To avoid corrosion, do not store the dumbbells in a damp place or outdoors.
Restriction d'usage
Not suitable in damp areas. For home use only


Components in the 20 kg training kit
- 2 x 2 kg threaded weight bars made out of corrosion-resistant chrome (35 cm long, 28 mm diameter), ribbed hand grip with moulded collars, - 12 cast iron weights (4 x 2 kg weight disc plates and 8 x 1 kg weight disc plates), - 4 chrome-plated lock nuts.
What is weight training?
Weight training is a range of physical exercises which involve developing or maintaining muscle mass and performance. It is the cornerstone of weight-lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strength training… Weight-lifting itself is a physical activity, and can be a part of physical training for most sports.
Who is it for?
Although it is more frequently done by men, body building can be done by anyone who does physical or sporting activities and wishes to increase body mass. For male/female bodybuilding beginners, it is recommended that you start with light weights and gradually increase the weight.
The benefits of body building
The aim for someone who does body building is muscular enlargement : increase muscle size. As well as muscle enlargement, there are many advantages of body building: Increase in strength and body mass, solidify bones, strengthen tendons and ligaments (reducing the risk of injury), reduce fat mass and reduce back pain.
Mark distribution
  • Weights
    7 May 2016
    - -

    Sometimes useful

  • Good product
    11 Feb 2016
    quality of product good quality of the plastic case bad

    The dumbbell shaft is of very good quality and it is square threaded.

  • Good product
    22 Nov 2015
    Overall look wise it is perfect Quantity is not up to the price marked.

    Overall the experience was great. I will definitely visit decathlon again soon